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You may ask yourself „who is ACOMON“? Well, whenever you see high quality spectacles, you are likely to see the result of our work: most successful lens casters use our RAV 7® high performance monomers to cast high quality lenses!

Our product range of high quality monomers is the result of 30 years of experience and dedication to the Optical Industry! Originally started by Akzo and EniChem, this business was developed into market leadership within Great Lakes Chemical Corporation (later formed into Chemtura).

Now ACOMON is continuing this long tradition of striving for excellence. But while in the past we were part of a diversified corporation, we are now 100% focused on serving the needs of the Optical Industry. Our goal is to make our customers more successful, by helping to improve quality and lower costs through more efficient processes. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need any support – or just to tell us what we could further improve, to serve you even better!

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Eckehard Mielke



您可能会问,爱科芒是什么公司?那好,无论您在哪里看到高质量的眼镜,也许您就看到了我们的产品。几乎所有成功的镜片制造商都在使用我们的高性能RAV 7®单体生产高质量的镜片。




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